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Jimmy Renallo
Jimmy Renallo of JRIII Media

Owner, Creative Director

The fearless ring leader of the circus. Jimmy is the engine that keeps everything JRIII Media in motion. From dancing on set to make you feel comfortable to brainstorming creative ways to make your business stand out. Jimmy is always looking for ways to expand outside of creative norms so you get noticed.

Anna Lee Ackermann
Anna Lee Ackermann of JRIII Media

Content Strategist

Anna Lee is our certified secret weapon when it comes to content strategy. She is always looking to chat about your business, non-profit, corporate, or personal project and is quick to set a game plan for success. Want to go skydiving? You wont have to twist her arm - she's in!

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We Built An All-Star Team So You Don't Have To


We craft stories and captivating concepts that ignite your audiences imagination. Our goal is to excite your audience, boost sales, and grow the brand.


We work to roll with the punches and deliver the best results. Always. We constantly adapt to trends, analytics, needs, and any other variable to always over deliver.


We're here to serve our customers. We reply promptly via phone, text, or email to ensure we are constantly exceeding your needs. 


We thrive to be a pleasure and ease to work with. We're always here to help, give suggestions, or answer questions to be the best resource for your business.



Paragliders flying over Torrey Pines, California

JRIII Media was founded on a simple goal: to revolutionize effective marketing, while making it accessible for small business owners. It dawned on us there is a significant gap in the market for affordable marketing solutions tailored specifically toward small and medium-sized businesses.

This realization drove us to the conclusion that by producing top-notch content at reasonable rates, we could empower everyone to thrive. We remain committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, embracing emerging trends, and challenging conventional practices to consistently deliver memorable content.

Let's get creative, let's get to work.


Want to join the team?

We're always looking to add to our creative dream team.

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