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  • Jimmy Renallo

Hiring a 24/7 employee to promote your business.

Updated: Jan 26

We've all said before that there simply aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you're wearing multiple hats in a small business.

What if we said that you could have an employee that would:

  • Works 24/7

  • Won't call in sick

  • Doesn't take days off

  • Doesn't need any benefits or healthcare

  • Is continuously talking up the business

  • Can answer almost every question about what you do

Sounds pretty great right? Well believe it or not an employee like that does exist.

Your website will promote your business to anyone in the world at anytime. It doesn't need to take the occasional sick day nor do you need to cover it's benefits. A good website can be one of your greatest sales tools to promote your business and answer questions

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